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We want to hear from you!

Help us choose our next design for the JawnGoods shop.

How It Works:


We will show you two or more designs.


You vote on which design you like best.


We put the winning design up in the shop for sale!

Even more exciting is, once the winning design hits the shop, for the rest of the month when you purchase that design on any product, you are automatically entered to win a free design session with JawnGoods for your very own custom t-shirt, tank top, bag, hat, print, or sticker pack!

May Designs

If there is one thing we in the LGBTQIA+ community can agree on, it's if you're going to try and tear us down, we are simply going to turn those insults around and they will become the most fabulous endearing phrases we can use.

Voting ends 5/15. Winning Design Announced 5/17.

So, what's your vibe this summer?

Option 1

Option 2


Keep an eye out for the results soon!

Want to know which design wins?

Enter your contact info below and we will reach out to let you know which design won and link you to the page to purchase the design!

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